Digital Paintings by Johan Lundgren

By far my favorite song by the inimitable Jonathan Coulton ( This was a weird one, because I recorded and mixed eve…

This is song number 6 out of 8, leading up to Christmas! Hope you enjoy it.

Day 5!

Tumblr, it’d be nice to go drinking with you.

It’s day 4. Let’s link to the fourth song!

Posting two days in a row? Unheard of!

Song 2 out of 8 is uploaded and ready to be consumed one way or another!
I’d like to thank you guys for the positive response the first one get. I debated with myself for the longest time whether to even upload these, since I’m generally pretty hard on myself and don’t really care for most anything I create, but I eventually decided that the music meant enough for me on a personal level to justify sharing it with others.

These first few songs were recorded in late October/early November, when I was pretty much at rock bottom, so I suppose they have that kind of roughness about them overall. They are as they are, basically.

One of you mentioned that you didn’t know I could sing or play the guitar, and I think that’s fair enough — I’m still not sure that I can! But you’ve got to start somewhere, and while my guitar playing is probably much better than my singing, I definitely lack musicians willing to help me with the singing part of recording in my immediate vicinity. And, again, this was more a way to stay sane for me, and wasn’t conceived with the intention of sharing with ANYONE, let alone EVERYONE!

Again, thank you for the support - It means the world to me.
Those of you who don’t dig it, that’s perfectly fine too. I just hope my stuff didn’t make your day WORSE!

All the best
- Johan

Hi Tumblr!
Long time, no see.

Alright, so some of you might know that I’ve been going through some pretty sad and rough times this year. Eventually this led to me not drawing or painting, and essentially just sitting around, staring at the ceiling all day.
At one point, I picked up one of my guitars and decided to fool around on it a bit, as I’d been listening to a lot of music and just generally wallowing in that whole thing. Eventually, after a week or so, I recorded some of the songs I was playing on my phone, just to hear what it sounded like. Obviously, it wasn’t great, but it certainly gave me the will to try and make an acoustic one-take sounding recording.

I really enjoyed the process of doing that, and repeated it to the point where I’m now sitting on 8 songs that I plan to upload to soundcloud for you guys to listen to and share (if you want). I know they’re a bit rough around the edges, and that is certainly intentional, as that was the sound I was going for. That said though, I suspect that over the past two months I’ve been doing this, I’ve gained some understanding of (very basic) production methods and recording, which might lead to the songs sounding better overall as I release them.

This is the first song I recorded after not playing the guitar for years, and is a Jonathan Coulton cover. The guy is a huge inspiration overall, and I am absolutely enamored with his music. Thankfully, when I approached him about uploading cover(s) of his music, he agreed, and made no claim towards me compensating him, so long as the original song was attributed to him. What a guy!

So, yeah, I’ll be releasing a song every day up until December 24th. Be sure to share them if you like them! Maybe I’ll get super self-conscious and delete the whole thing before new years’, since the songs have strong personal meaning to me, so you might actually want to download them too if you want to keep ‘em.

All the best,
- Johan

It’s about goddamn time I updated this Tumblr. Here are some quick color sketches from the last few weeks. I apologize that I haven’t been keeping my Tumblr updated but, truth be told, I really haven’t been painting as much as I should, and what I HAVE done is under NDA.

Still, hope someone finds these a little fun to look at. All the best to all y’all!


What time is it?

You know VERY WELL what time it is!


Spider-Man SD 2010_suite_10 by ~duster132 on deviantART

This image is amazing :o
I just have to say.. I spent the last 20 minutes going through all of your portraits and studies, and I've come to the conclusion that you are one talented dude. Thanks for the inspiration for the week. I'm going to go do some value studies now, I think.

Oh thank you kindly! I’m glad you found something you liked among my paintings! Value studies can be very handy indeed sometimes. Not to mention they can be a lot of fun as well.